Get your bot on hackathon!

I had the pleasure of attending the Get your bot on event this past weekend (Nov 23rd-25th 2012). It was a two day event where people interested in robotics got together to produce a working robot. My workplace was sponsoring the event, so I figured I would get some learning going!

Get your bot on was held at the Mozilla Open Space floor, which was awesome!


I was working with some co-workers to create Lurchbot, a robot that lurches towards destruction of whatever is in front of it. It is powered by a photonic cornex, otherwise known as an LED cube.

Transistor skill up!

Then we worked on the motor wiring.

By night we had a very flimsy prototype going. Made out of foam board, breadboards, pre-made gear boxes and lots of duct tape!


Sunday was spent mostly cleaning up the wires and replacing everything that was plug-and-play with soldered parts for assured destruction.

And there is the end product!

It worked as intended, so I will consider this a success!

There were many good entries to the competition including but not limited to:

  • A robot acting like a cat which you could pet and it would wag its tail (my personal favourite)
  • A mustache drawing robot
  • An automated lawnmower
  • A sensual touch table experiment
  • A tumbleweed bot!
  • A mannequin that would respond to music
  • … and a robot that produces dubstep.

Would definitely attend again!

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