Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition!


I got my hands on the Dark Souls PC Edition for $15 USD during the crazy winter PC game sales on Amazon.com (many thanks to Log). Thanks to DSFix, I can now enjoy this game in 1080p along with custom text D: Oh, and being able to take nice screenshots is another plus.

Oh yeah, I'm so best!

Oh yeah, I’m so best!

Oh yeah, I’m so best! Now the unfortunate part of this is that the death message was replaced by “You died like a bitch” which is not the best when you are dying against Capra Demon because Capra Demon.

I couldn’t find a way to import my PS3 character to the PC version, so decided to start a mage playthrough for kicks and co-op.


WTF twintails?

Starting as a mage was so different from my usual playstyle that I struggled a lot with the beginning of the game. At first, I thought I would be able to deal without using the Drake Sword, but halfway to the Gargoyles I finally relented and started two-handing the damned thing. Girl, what were you thinking?

It sucks that magic does low damage at first, you cannot use a shield because of two-handing a sword, and you are as squishy as a mosquito (…or I just suck at this game :D). Getting the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and Homing Soulmass spell helped a bunch though. I can finally charge at people again without fear!

Low int?!

Oh look at that sexy int stat!

Planned final stats.

I’ve also restarted Leon (now Onion Leon), planning to build him exactly the same way so I can go take on the DLC. About to go into the sewers.

Onion Leon

Missing that Onion headgear!

I got really lucky and got a Black Knight Sword and Greatsword drops from the first two Black Knights, so Leon is really plowing through the game (5 hits for the first Gargoyle!).

Onion Leon stats

Still early in the game.

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