Dark Souls – I (almost) did it!

Dark Souls - Leon

The above is my character from Dark Souls (named Leon after the Resident Evil protagonist) about to go take on the final boss of the game. I really regret not sticking to this game when it was new and fresh and discovering its secrets with everyone who was playing. But on the bright side, playing it a year after Dark Souls came out did make my time with the game easier.

Dark Souls - Leon stats

I went for a greatsword build with medium weight after watching YouTuber OverTheGun decimate everything in his path in his Let’s Play Dark Souls videos (highly recommended watch!). I decided to substitute the Zweihander with a Claymore since it is faster and still has a decent reach. At this point in the game, everything goes down in one or two hits when two-handing the Claymore. I am open to recommendations for better equipment/build though!

Current equipment list:

  • +15 Claymore
  • +4 Lightning Iaito (was planning to finish the game before lightning enchanting got nerfed in Patch 1.06 >< )
  • +13 Pyromancy Flame (Ascended)
  • Grass Crest Shield
  • Catarina Helm, in honour of the Onion Knight
  • Orstein’s Armor, Stone Gauntlets and Havel’s Leggings
  • Havel’s ring, and a random ring
  • Bow? What’s a bow?
  • Currently farming for a Murakumo

and stats:

  • 30 Vitality
  • 14 Attunement – 3 slots
  • 30 Endurance
  • 20 Strength
  • 35 Dexterity
  • 12 Resistance
  • 14 Intelligence – I think this was to be able to use Cast Light
  • 12 Faith – and this for Heal

I’m thinking of raising strength to 40 next to make use of the Claymore’s scaling. Final build link.

Can’t wait for New Game +, Dark Souls 2 and being able to play the game on PC. Apparently you can do silly mods like the following!


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  1. Nuuka 12/16/2012

    Oh, almost forgot to mention: if you have spare souls, you might want to stock up on resins to buff your Claymore before you get NG+. One of the undead merchants should have it.

    If you have spare titanite, you can also upgrade your shield for better stability.

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