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Dark Souls – I (almost) did it!

Dark Souls - Leon

The above is my character from Dark Souls (named Leon after the Resident Evil protagonist) about to go take on the final boss of the game. I really regret not sticking to this game when it was new and fresh and discovering its secrets with everyone who was playing. But on the bright side, playing it a year after Dark Souls came out did make my time with the game easier.

Dark Souls - Leon stats

I went for a greatsword build with medium weight after watching YouTuber OverTheGun decimate everything in his path in his Let’s Play Dark Souls videos (highly recommended watch!). I decided to substitute the Zweihander with a Claymore since it is faster and still has a decent reach. At this point in the game, everything goes down in one or two hits when two-handing the Claymore. I am open to recommendations for better equipment/build though!

Current equipment list:

  • +15 Claymore
  • +4 Lightning Iaito (was planning to finish the game before lightning enchanting got nerfed in Patch 1.06 >< )
  • +13 Pyromancy Flame (Ascended)
  • Grass Crest Shield
  • Catarina Helm, in honour of the Onion Knight
  • Orstein’s Armor, Stone Gauntlets and Havel’s Leggings
  • Havel’s ring, and a random ring
  • Bow? What’s a bow?
  • Currently farming for a Murakumo

and stats:

  • 30 Vitality
  • 14 Attunement – 3 slots
  • 30 Endurance
  • 20 Strength
  • 35 Dexterity
  • 12 Resistance
  • 14 Intelligence – I think this was to be able to use Cast Light
  • 12 Faith – and this for Heal

I’m thinking of raising strength to 40 next to make use of the Claymore’s scaling. Final build link.

Can’t wait for New Game +, Dark Souls 2 and being able to play the game on PC. Apparently you can do silly mods like the following!


Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma

I’m very very excited about the new Blazblue game from watching some footage of Japanese games. It looks like we’ll finally have something that’s not all about pulling the longest combos possible! I’ve highlighted a few items that I’m most excited about:

  • Hitstop lowered, which makes the game look faster and possibly harder D:
  • Shorter combos! More play for each player!
  • A calmer announcer with decent pronunciation.
  • Four new characters, including Amane and Izayoi! This brings the roster to 23 characters.
  • Not sure how I feel about the new burst system yet, but if it worked in Guilty Gear, it should work in Blazblue.
  • Voices were all re-recorded, new stages, new moves, new sprites, remixed stage music.

All in all, it feels like Arc System Works put a lot of effort into this new version. I hope that the new moves didn’t break the balance too badly.

From what I’ve seen of Jin so far, he looks to be more than decent this time around. He was never truly bad but it is nice to see your character do well 😀

Here’s a list of the changes for Jin and some thoughts.

  • New move: Hizansen (j.214C). Looks like the new air combo ender, as air Ice Cars were taken out. Looks awesome.
  • New move: Hizangeki (j.214D). EX version of Hizansen. Two hits. I’ve seen the second hit be used as an overhead when TKed for a 4.2k combo in the corner. Cheaper than a 6A rapid. Yum.
  • 6C does not cancel into dash anymore but launches the enemy closer compared to BBEX. Which means you can always tack on a 2D 😀
  • 2C lost Fatal Counter status, jump cancelable on block.
  • 5D gets Fatal Counter status. I like.
  • Sekkajin is now 22C instead of mash C. Now pushes the opponent back. Thank you ArcSys for sparing my ring finger.
  • B and C ice blades removed.
  • B DP removed, replaced by A. I quite liked B DP =\
  • Ice Car is all weird now, you enter 214A for the first hit and press A again for the second. I will miss my Ice Caring over Lambda’s blades.
  • Jin seems to be able to do 3k from anywhere on the screen @_@
  • Jin sounds just as fruity as ever.
  • Finally, he looks even cooler than he did in the previous games, so I will keep maining him.

Now if only the console version could get here before Evolution ’13. One can always dream~


You may have heard of the hashtag #1reasonwhy that has been making its way through Twitter. I’ve been thinking about posting this to Twitter, but since I am not directly involved with game design I’ve decided to post this here instead. For a bit of context, I used to participate in the local Blazblue community regularly and have attended tournaments including Evo 2012. There are multiple reasons why:

  • Being wary to get on streams because of hurtful comments from stream viewers.
  • Being afraid to speak out loud on a mic in online games because I have a fairly high pitched voice.
  • Being followed around during a tournament by a person who was screaming that I was amazing for being able to combo in a fighting game.
  • Always feeling like I need to prove myself to other people, to show them that women can indeed be decent at games.
  • Dressing conservatively because you don’t know when someone will take a photo of you without your knowledge.

On the plus side, the overwhelming majority of the people that I have met through gaming are not like that and it is absolutely worthwhile to get out there and support your favourite games.

I hope that this spark of discussion will bring this problem to light for those who were not aware of it.

TERA Online – Slayer Dungeon Tips

I play a Slayer in Tera Online and figured I’d compile a list of tips for new dungeon Slayers as some have helped me out immensely in runs. I run around as Percy.Theodore on the Valley of Titans server.

Disclamer: I have not fully cleared Balder’s Temple Hard Mode yet! Soon! Have cleared BTHM a few times now 😀 On to Kelsaik Hard Mode!

Fighting mana decay

Slayers are very mana dependent given that your DPS will come from using your skills. Here are a few ways to keep your mana up during fights:

  • Use Infused charms until you get the Greater Infused effect. You WILL run out of mana on anything other than that.
  • Ask your Priest to use MP regen (restores 400 MP), or your Mystic to use their mana regen aura, and to drop mana balls (3 of them should max your MP).
  • Swap a weapon crystal (usually Focused) for a Glistening Crystal if you must. This will give you an MP regen effect on back crit attacks.
  • Don’t forget to use Triumphant Shout and Tenacity whenever you can to slow down decay and to get some MP back.

    You should be able to continuously use your skills without having to rely on Combo Attack to refill your mana by doing the above.

    Items to have on hand for a run

  • Arunic Panaceas: Always keep a few on you before embarking on a dungeon run. These babies will restore your stamina fully and instantly when out of battle stance. This way, your party will not need to wait for you at a campfire.
  • Campfire, Power Charms, Enduring Charms, and Infused Charms: Have some charms ready before taking on bosses. Extremely important is getting a Greater Infused effect. Remember to re-charm after 15 minutes or after a death.
  • Scroll of Savagery or Scroll of Carving: The Scroll of Savagery will raise your crit power, while the Scroll of Carving will raise your crit rate. Lasts for 8 minutes.
  • Healing Potions: In case your healer is not able to get to you on time, always have a few potions on hand for a healing burst. Healing Potions and Healing Draughts have different cooldown timers, so try to keep a few of each. I prefer potions and draughts over elixirs/restoratives.
  • Scroll of Resurrection: Same as above. You can purchase faster resurrecting versions at Specialty vendors.
  • Extra crystals: To replace your lost crystals after a death.
  • Dungeon teleport scrolls: You can purchase dungeon scrolls at the Specialty Vendor in any town to get back to the dungeon after a wipe.

Positioning and movement

  • Take note of where your tank is standing. Try to stay on the opposite side at all times. Bosses will sometimes have a secondary target and will turn around, and in those cases, do not chase the boss’ back. It will turn back to the tank eventually.
  • Take note of where your healer is standing. Your healer will usually be standing on the left or right side of the boss to get a clear view of both tank and DPS. Be ready to edge towards your healer if you are low on HP or need some mana balls 🙂
  • Use Backstab to quickly get behind bosses. It works on non-animate objects too!
  • You only have one dodge, but many skills to get around quickly. Use your Backstab, Leaping Strike and Headlong rush to avoid oncoming attacks.

TERA Online

This is what I’ve been playing lately. MMOs sure do take time!

Finally reached level 60! What should have taken 2 weeks for most people took me 2.5 months XD