Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma

I’m very very excited about the new Blazblue game from watching some footage of Japanese games. It looks like we’ll finally have something that’s not all about pulling the longest combos possible! I’ve highlighted a few items that I’m most excited about:

  • Hitstop lowered, which makes the game look faster and possibly harder D:
  • Shorter combos! More play for each player!
  • A calmer announcer with decent pronunciation.
  • Four new characters, including Amane and Izayoi! This brings the roster to 23 characters.
  • Not sure how I feel about the new burst system yet, but if it worked in Guilty Gear, it should work in Blazblue.
  • Voices were all re-recorded, new stages, new moves, new sprites, remixed stage music.

All in all, it feels like Arc System Works put a lot of effort into this new version. I hope that the new moves didn’t break the balance too badly.

From what I’ve seen of Jin so far, he looks to be more than decent this time around. He was never truly bad but it is nice to see your character do well 😀

Here’s a list of the changes for Jin and some thoughts.

  • New move: Hizansen (j.214C). Looks like the new air combo ender, as air Ice Cars were taken out. Looks awesome.
  • New move: Hizangeki (j.214D). EX version of Hizansen. Two hits. I’ve seen the second hit be used as an overhead when TKed for a 4.2k combo in the corner. Cheaper than a 6A rapid. Yum.
  • 6C does not cancel into dash anymore but launches the enemy closer compared to BBEX. Which means you can always tack on a 2D 😀
  • 2C lost Fatal Counter status, jump cancelable on block.
  • 5D gets Fatal Counter status. I like.
  • Sekkajin is now 22C instead of mash C. Now pushes the opponent back. Thank you ArcSys for sparing my ring finger.
  • B and C ice blades removed.
  • B DP removed, replaced by A. I quite liked B DP =\
  • Ice Car is all weird now, you enter 214A for the first hit and press A again for the second. I will miss my Ice Caring over Lambda’s blades.
  • Jin seems to be able to do 3k from anywhere on the screen @_@
  • Jin sounds just as fruity as ever.
  • Finally, he looks even cooler than he did in the previous games, so I will keep maining him.

Now if only the console version could get here before Evolution ’13. One can always dream~

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