You may have heard of the hashtag #1reasonwhy that has been making its way through Twitter. I’ve been thinking about posting this to Twitter, but since I am not directly involved with game design I’ve decided to post this here instead. For a bit of context, I used to participate in the local Blazblue community regularly and have attended tournaments including Evo 2012. There are multiple reasons why:

  • Being wary to get on streams because of hurtful comments from stream viewers.
  • Being afraid to speak out loud on a mic in online games because I have a fairly high pitched voice.
  • Being followed around during a tournament by a person who was screaming that I was amazing for being able to combo in a fighting game.
  • Always feeling like I need to prove myself to other people, to show them that women can indeed be decent at games.
  • Dressing conservatively because you don’t know when someone will take a photo of you without your knowledge.

On the plus side, the overwhelming majority of the people that I have met through gaming are not like that and it is absolutely worthwhile to get out there and support your favourite games.

I hope that this spark of discussion will bring this problem to light for those who were not aware of it.

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