Baby shower

A friend of mine is due to give birth to a baby boy in June! So I knitted a hat, some socks and mittens for him. I hope it’s not too hot for all this.

Poyo, protector of knit items

Poyo, protector of knit items

Ravelry links for yarn and patterns used:

I bought some Berocco yarn from the local yarn shop. It’s been a while since I’ve knit with non-animal fibers but this yarn ended up being very soft and fairly easy to knit up unlike Red Heart Saver yarn XD The strands do seem to come apart easily. It also twists on itself, but I’ve been having this problem with many other yarns. Not sure if that’s the norm?

I’m tempted to make a second hat since this one is so cute!

Sword of the Stars: The Pit


I’ve been playing this game on and off for the past month, dying over and over again as the Engineer until I decided to save scum. And…


There is no need for another weapon.

I got really lucky with being able to craft an Adamantium Sword and playing half the game as a sword-wielding engineer. Had 3 x 10% damage increase and 1 x 50% durability increase mods in that baby! Did not need to repair it even once.


The real saviour.

A great little game from Kerberos Productions! I’ll be looking forward to the expansion for more punishment 😀

Next will be an attempt to reach Silver League in Starcraft II.

Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition!


I got my hands on the Dark Souls PC Edition for $15 USD during the crazy winter PC game sales on (many thanks to Log). Thanks to DSFix, I can now enjoy this game in 1080p along with custom text D: Oh, and being able to take nice screenshots is another plus.

Oh yeah, I'm so best!

Oh yeah, I’m so best!

Oh yeah, I’m so best! Now the unfortunate part of this is that the death message was replaced by “You died like a bitch” which is not the best when you are dying against Capra Demon because Capra Demon.

I couldn’t find a way to import my PS3 character to the PC version, so decided to start a mage playthrough for kicks and co-op.


WTF twintails?

Starting as a mage was so different from my usual playstyle that I struggled a lot with the beginning of the game. At first, I thought I would be able to deal without using the Drake Sword, but halfway to the Gargoyles I finally relented and started two-handing the damned thing. Girl, what were you thinking?

It sucks that magic does low damage at first, you cannot use a shield because of two-handing a sword, and you are as squishy as a mosquito (…or I just suck at this game :D). Getting the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring and Homing Soulmass spell helped a bunch though. I can finally charge at people again without fear!

Low int?!

Oh look at that sexy int stat!

Planned final stats.

I’ve also restarted Leon (now Onion Leon), planning to build him exactly the same way so I can go take on the DLC. About to go into the sewers.

Onion Leon

Missing that Onion headgear!

I got really lucky and got a Black Knight Sword and Greatsword drops from the first two Black Knights, so Leon is really plowing through the game (5 hits for the first Gargoyle!).

Onion Leon stats

Still early in the game.

Dark Souls – I (almost) did it!

Dark Souls - Leon

The above is my character from Dark Souls (named Leon after the Resident Evil protagonist) about to go take on the final boss of the game. I really regret not sticking to this game when it was new and fresh and discovering its secrets with everyone who was playing. But on the bright side, playing it a year after Dark Souls came out did make my time with the game easier.

Dark Souls - Leon stats

I went for a greatsword build with medium weight after watching YouTuber OverTheGun decimate everything in his path in his Let’s Play Dark Souls videos (highly recommended watch!). I decided to substitute the Zweihander with a Claymore since it is faster and still has a decent reach. At this point in the game, everything goes down in one or two hits when two-handing the Claymore. I am open to recommendations for better equipment/build though!

Current equipment list:

  • +15 Claymore
  • +4 Lightning Iaito (was planning to finish the game before lightning enchanting got nerfed in Patch 1.06 >< )
  • +13 Pyromancy Flame (Ascended)
  • Grass Crest Shield
  • Catarina Helm, in honour of the Onion Knight
  • Orstein’s Armor, Stone Gauntlets and Havel’s Leggings
  • Havel’s ring, and a random ring
  • Bow? What’s a bow?
  • Currently farming for a Murakumo

and stats:

  • 30 Vitality
  • 14 Attunement – 3 slots
  • 30 Endurance
  • 20 Strength
  • 35 Dexterity
  • 12 Resistance
  • 14 Intelligence – I think this was to be able to use Cast Light
  • 12 Faith – and this for Heal

I’m thinking of raising strength to 40 next to make use of the Claymore’s scaling. Final build link.

Can’t wait for New Game +, Dark Souls 2 and being able to play the game on PC. Apparently you can do silly mods like the following!


Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma

I’m very very excited about the new Blazblue game from watching some footage of Japanese games. It looks like we’ll finally have something that’s not all about pulling the longest combos possible! I’ve highlighted a few items that I’m most excited about:

  • Hitstop lowered, which makes the game look faster and possibly harder D:
  • Shorter combos! More play for each player!
  • A calmer announcer with decent pronunciation.
  • Four new characters, including Amane and Izayoi! This brings the roster to 23 characters.
  • Not sure how I feel about the new burst system yet, but if it worked in Guilty Gear, it should work in Blazblue.
  • Voices were all re-recorded, new stages, new moves, new sprites, remixed stage music.

All in all, it feels like Arc System Works put a lot of effort into this new version. I hope that the new moves didn’t break the balance too badly.

From what I’ve seen of Jin so far, he looks to be more than decent this time around. He was never truly bad but it is nice to see your character do well 😀

Here’s a list of the changes for Jin and some thoughts.

  • New move: Hizansen (j.214C). Looks like the new air combo ender, as air Ice Cars were taken out. Looks awesome.
  • New move: Hizangeki (j.214D). EX version of Hizansen. Two hits. I’ve seen the second hit be used as an overhead when TKed for a 4.2k combo in the corner. Cheaper than a 6A rapid. Yum.
  • 6C does not cancel into dash anymore but launches the enemy closer compared to BBEX. Which means you can always tack on a 2D 😀
  • 2C lost Fatal Counter status, jump cancelable on block.
  • 5D gets Fatal Counter status. I like.
  • Sekkajin is now 22C instead of mash C. Now pushes the opponent back. Thank you ArcSys for sparing my ring finger.
  • B and C ice blades removed.
  • B DP removed, replaced by A. I quite liked B DP =\
  • Ice Car is all weird now, you enter 214A for the first hit and press A again for the second. I will miss my Ice Caring over Lambda’s blades.
  • Jin seems to be able to do 3k from anywhere on the screen @_@
  • Jin sounds just as fruity as ever.
  • Finally, he looks even cooler than he did in the previous games, so I will keep maining him.

Now if only the console version could get here before Evolution ’13. One can always dream~